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Check Your Car!

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

By Cody Jordan

How often do you do a quick check of your car? Check the break lights. Check the turn signal.  Check the parking lights. Check the inspection and registration stickers.  So on and so forth.

It might seem like a hassle, but it’s also what can very well stand in the way between a lot of stress, a lot of money and maybe even being jailed and simply not having to deal with those issues.

Let me explain.  Perhaps you are taking a chance driving with an expired or invalid license out of necessity; you shouldn’t be driving, but you feel you have to for some reason.  Perhaps there is an unknown warrant for failure to pay a ticket or something like that.  Perhaps you have accidentally let your insurance expire or lapse.  None of these examples would ordinarily raise suspicion if you are on the roads, but alas you forgot to check your car.

Now, the authorities notice a missing tail light or an expired inspection sticker.  They have every reason to pull you over; they run your information and now you are in a whole lot more trouble and will end up paying a whole lot more money than it would have cost to simply get your car inspected or change that tail light.  Save yourself the time, money and stress; perform a periodic check of your vehicle.